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PhD Position on Lidar measurements and modelling of wind fields in the wind turbine inflow
ForWind - University of Oldenburg
Oldenburg, Germany
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The main objective of your PhD project is to improve models for turbulent wind fields and their interaction with wind turbines using free-field wind measurements with distinctive instrumentation (multiple lidars, meteorological and turbine sensors).
Among others, your tasks will comprise:
• conducting free-field measurement campaigns with the SpinnerLidar operating in the rotating hub (spinner) of a wind turbine
• data processing to combine lidar, meteorological and turbine operational data
• modelling of turbulent wind fields and their propagation in the turbine inflow
• active collaboration with colleagues on measurement techniques, numerical fluid dynamics and analytical modelling
PhD position - Wind turbine wake in a turbulent background
University of Orleans
Orléans, France
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This doctoral thesis aims to tackle this issue by studying in depth the physical mechanisms governing the expansion of a wind turbine wake within a turbulent background. To this end, the work will be based on the combination of high-quality experiments and high-fidelity simulations. Particular attention will be paid to the influence of the characteristic quantities of the external turbulence on the aerodynamic performance of the wind turbine, on the expansion of its wake and its dynamics. The physical analysis of experimental and numerical data will ultimately make it possible to propose new models of wake expansion that are more relevant than those currently used for the design of wind farms.

To understand the physics of the wind wake in a turbulent environment, the work will be based on two complementary approaches:
• The experimental work will be carried out within the PRISME laboratory of the University of Orléans, which has been working for several years on the study of wind turbine wakes. In the continuity of recent work carried out within the host team, wind tunnel tests will be carried out. In particular, optical methods coupled with point measurements will be implemented to study the impact of background turbulence on the development of the wake of a scale-down wind turbine.
• The numerical simulations will be carried out within the CORIA laboratory of the University and INSA Rouen Normandie and CNRS. They will be performed using the massively parallel platform YALES2 dedicated to high-fidelity Large-Edy Simulations (LES). In this part, we will focus on understanding the mechanisms of local interactions between the wind turbine wake and its environment. The experimental data will be used to parameterize the numerical simulations.
The latter will be used to formulate a new model of wake expansion whose performance will be assessed against the experimental results.

The new insights that will be raised during this PhD will enable to predict more precisely the interaction of the wind turbine with its environment.
Ultimately, this detailed understanding will be valuable for optimizing both wind energy production and also for designing control devices to improve performance and reduce operating costs.

Expected skills

We are looking for a highly motivated PhD student (F/M), holding a Master degree in physics or mechanical engineering with strong background in fluid mechanics and turbulence.
The successful applicant should have a pronounced interest in both experiments and simulations.
The PhD student will be deeply involved in dissemination of the results in project reports, peer-reviewed journals, and presentations in international conferences.
Therefore, high communication and writing skills in English are mandatory.

How to apply

Send your CV, motivation letter, transcript of marks (even partial) of Master and the contact details of two scientific referees before April, 26th, 2023 to, and